Les Miserables OC rp account. Nicolas Gauthier, officer of the law, friend of the people. Face Claim: Ewan McGregor

A Friend to All

Ace Police Skills (open)

The young officer stood in front of the cafe, looking at it for a moment before walking in with a friendly smile. Someone had accidentally told him that this was were the revolutionaries met to discuss plans. Nicolas didn’t want to interrupt or spy, he merely wanted to observe and make sure that they weren’t planing on causing a disturbance in the near future. He blended in well enough with the others, being around their age and in civilian clothes. He sat in one of the outer chairs, not wanting to be too close to the main group, in case they asked him questions and he took too long to answer. He watched them, soon forgetting he was doing this for work and being more and more interested in their discussion. The cause behind the revolution seemed just, Nicolas just didn’t agree with their methods. He continued to sit though, listening.

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    The moment that the men started to disperse, Rosa sprang from the floor. She leaped over to Enjolras, eager to reach and...
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    Nicolas glanced back at the girl for a moment, then returned his eyes to the blond. From what he could hear the others...
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